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Friday, 2012 March 2

David Whyte of Abbotsford

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Today John and I made a walk to the grave of David Whyte and some of his family members, in the paddock just past the woolshed. We found the one gravestone.

Grave of David Whyte at Hackfalls Station and Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

The text on the stone reads (as far as I can decipher):

The grave definitely needs some maintenance!

Grave of David Whyte at Hackfalls Station and Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

David Whyte was the original owner of Hackfalls, which he then called Abbotsford. He build a two storey house, according to Colleen Bull (2000) – ”From Papa to Pumice and Back Again” (the history of the Mossmann family of Awapiko and The Laurels at Waerengaokuri). I suppose this was the building that has become known as the original homestead (of Abbotsford / Hackfalls).

David Whyte was also one of the persons who promoted the railway link between (Napier,) Wairoa and Gisborne via the inland route:

Napier - Gisborne Railway; from Bellamy 1969

David Whyte had been trained as an engineer and he had been in charge of railway works in India, before he came to Tiniroto and became a farmer. He made a proposal in 1896 to create an inland route between Wairoa and Gisborne via Frasertown, Tiniroto, following the Hangaroa River to Hangaroa township and then to Ngatapa and Gisborne. He estimated the line would cost about £655,000, to be borrowed at 3 % from London.
The line was built from from Gisborne to Ngatapa (1914), and from Wairoa to Frasertown (1919), and then abandoned (about 1924). From 1935 onward the so called Wharerata route along the coast was build. This section was finally finished in 1942.
Imagine what it would have been like if this plan had become true. To have a Railway Station somewhere near Tiniroto, perhaps even on the grounds of what now is Hackfalls Station, and take the train to Ngatapa – that’s where Eastwoodhill Arboretum is nowadays! A direct railway connection between Hackfalls and Eastwoodhill!

John and I also tried to figure out where exactly the original homestead has been standing. It must have been somewhere in the far corner of the paddock, on a flat place.

Place of the first homestead of Abbotsford Station, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

There are quite a few very old trees over here. Mainly Pinus radiata and some gum trees Eucalyptus. And there is also a walnut tree Juglans regia.

walnut tree near place of the old homestead of Abbotsford Station, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

We found a fig tree as well. I can’t find these trees in the cat.

In this corner we also found some growth of Periwinkle (“maagdenpalm” in Dutch – Vinca). Typical traces of an old settlement.
– – – – –
map of the Napier – Gisborne Railway taken from:
Bellamy, A. C. (1969) – The Napier Gisborne Railway : The story of its construction and development. Napier (?): NZ Railway and Locomotive Society Inc., Hawke´s Bay branch.


Sunday, 2012 February 26

A Misty Sunday Morning

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It was misty when the sun rose this morning and I got out of bed.

Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

So I decided to try to make some pictures of that very strange morning light. I walked down the driveway.

Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

But when I came to Lake Kaikiore, I saw the mist disappearing within minutes…..

Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

And the sun came shining through the poplars.

Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

Only minutes later nearly all the mist had gone. The beginning of a sunny day?

Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

Sunday, 2011 November 6

Hackfalls seen from above

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This morning I was invited for a short flight in the helicopter that was doing some work at the station. Very exciting, of course. And I could make some nice pictures of Hackfalls Station and Arboretum.

Hackfalls Station and Arboretum, seen from above

(click on the pictures to enlarge; use the back-button of your browser to get back to this post)

Hackfalls Station and Arboretum as seen from above

Hackfalls Station and Arboretum as seen from above

Hackfalls Station and Arboretum as seen from above

Hackfalls Station and Arboretum as seen from above

We also had a look at the Hangaroa River.

Hangaroa River

More pictures:
in my Dick Bos – blog
and in the blog wv&db in nz (Dutch text)

Sunday, 2011 October 23

Week 05

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Monday 2011-10-17

In the morning I cleaned the area around the eastern entrance of the Azalea area, on the other side of the lake. A lot of branches had come down there. It took me an hour of sawing, and two hours of collecting and raking, to clean the mess a bit.
I found a tree there, that looks much like a Ulmus. It has no label, and I can’t find it in the catalogue. I’ll try to make some pictures soon. It has no leaves, but very typical wings along the branches. It also has the typical flowers on some high branches.

At noon Julian arrived, with his friend Pet and Pet’s son, Tuhi. The four of us did a hell of a job in cleaning the whole area along the track on the other side of the lake, east of the Azalea area.
We made nice piles of firewood, and of branches for the chipper, and we brought some rubbish to the burning pile.
Tomorrow we’ll start on the west side of the Azalea area, with some big trees that have come down there.

Tuesday 2011-10-18

Today the gang did a lot of work on the other side of the Azalea area. We started at 8 oclock on the north-western bank of Lake Kaikiore. Some trees had come down there last winter. Some of them completely, some of them only a few branches, and some in between. I decided to leave a part of one of the trees intact. We lifted it and secured it temporarily with a rope. I also decided not to cut down completely the unlabeled cherry that had lost many branches. Just have another look at it with some people.
We worked all the way up until the back of the Azalea area.
Pet did a lot of scrubcutting on the rootsuckers of Pterocarya fraxinifolia (1966 041 #2379 in B8). Some of the suckers had grown up to 4 meters high. This really needs to be done regularly! It took Pet at least two hours now!
The weather was mostly nice and fine during the day.

Wednesday 2011-10-19

A day off to visit Wairoa. Most important of course: the Public Library. But shopping is important too, of course.

Thursday 2011-10-20

A rainy day. Too much rain to go out working.

Friday 2011-10-21

Damian and I started to clean the Oak Paddock today. I took much of the branches of the Budleja spec (was is the auriculata?) next to the B. crispa. It is heavily damaged. The damage is caused by spraying the rootsuckers!

First day I worked in my shorts!

Saturday 2011-10-22

Another rainy day!

Sunday 2011-10-23

There’s still oil leaking from the Rena in the Bay of Plenty. And the All Blacks have gone for the world cup.
Today was a nice and sunny day again.

Diane feeding the goldfishes

And as you can see, Diane fed the goldfishes. They sure will not starve.

Tuesday, 2008 January 29

Compost on Auckland Anniversary

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I worked on the compost all day.


1 wheelbarrow of “suspected material” to (garden-)rubbish tip.

5 wheelbarrow of earth from garden-rubbish tip to compost.

Sorted out the different stacks of branches around the compost.

Did some cutting on the shrubs around the compost (especially Chimonanthes praecox 1950 014 #724 (needs to get labelled btw!.


5 more wheelbarrows from garden-rubbish to compost.

Sunday, 2008 January 6

Creeping and climbing Jasmine in Isobel’s Garden

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Another specimen of arrears in maintenance. Wilma had detected it already. I had seen it before with a half eye (as we say in Dutch). But last week I came to realise how serious it is (New Years Day). A good job for the Sunday. Well. It will be a good job for a couple of Sundays!

There is a fence at the back of the garden. It is not high. Made of wire-netting. and apart from that there is this green netting to keep the weeds at its place. Well. It’s holding things at its place. On both sides of the netting large bundles of rootstocks, as we know them from the jasmine. Meters and meters long and very strong (I measured lengths of up to 15 m.!). There are a lot of (interesting) shrubs along the fence. Closely packed together (needs thinning!) and the jasmine tends to climb in some of the shrubs already. And then there are roses. That makes the work such a pleasant job. I’m sorry to say that I have cut some of these roses back. They grew in the shadow.


I worked for two hours until now.

I’m quite sure the jasmine is Jasminum polyanthum

(see e.g. DOC – “Plant me instead” (Wellington 2005), p. 134)


Find photo’s I made in Kevin’s Bush and take some new ones.



Worked a third hour. Did today 10 m. of the total length of 15 of the garden. To be continued next week(end).

It was a sunny day, with thin clouds covering most of the sky in the morning. As the day went on the clouds became thinner and the sun hotter. No wind.

Saturday, 2008 January 5

Arrears of maintenance in The Orchard

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Worked all day in “The Orchard”: a small, neglected group of fruit trees east of Kevin’s Bush in G/H11.

The trees did not have proper protections (or surrounds as Di calls them), so we took most of the old surrounds off and made new ones, using the cages of Uncle Bob.

In the meantime Steven did a wonderful job in repairing a weak spot in the fence.

The Orchard is frequently visited by cattle, so protections need to be strong.

We still do have to make an inventory of the trees over here. I don’t think they’re in the catalogue.

In the morning we looked at the object, and planned what we needed. After that I went riding with the Mule and the trailer to get enough protections, metal posts etc.

In the afternoon Di and I changed some 8 protections, while Steven repaired the fence.

It was a sunny day, with some clouds. Not so hot as two days ago. But later in the afternoon it got about 25°C and rather humid.

Friday, 2008 January 4


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Tried to find tools for repairing the punctured tyre of the wheelbarrow. I couldn’t find anything. Steven couldn’t help me either.

Steven “changed” contents of fuel-tank (with 1:30 mix) for 1:50 mix, as the Shindaiwo-scrubcutter apparently needs 1:50 mix. But… Husqvarna-scrubcutter needs 1:33 mix, if I read the manual well… The little chainsaw needs 1:30 mix. And, according to Steven, the old Jonsered scrubcutter needs 1:30 or even a bit more oil, so perhaps it was a bit precipitate that Steven emptied the contents of the fuel-tank over the fence. But alas.

Chainsawed last willows and some other trees.

made an inventory of all the Rhodo’s inside the Rhodo-part:
“from left to right – from back to front”= from West -> East; from North -> South):
Rhododendron ‘King’s Milkmaid’ 1996 161 #3048 old label
Rhododendron ‘Phyllis Korn’ 2000 019 #3122 new label
Rhododendron ‘Dreadnought’ 1993 142 #2985 old label Rhododendron ‘Dreadnought’    Photo made by Dick Bos on 20071028 in Hackfalls arboretum Tiniroto NZ
Rhododendron ‘Santa Rosa’ 1993 145 #3163 old label
Rhododendron ‘Puget Sound’ 2000 023 #3139 new label
Rhododendron without label
Rhododendron ‘Precious’ 1993 144 #3129 old label
Rhododendron ‘Dawn’s Glory’ 1993 139 #2971 old label
Rhododendron without label

Rhododendron without label

Rhododendron without label
Rhododendron ‘Phantom’ 1999 021 #3121 new label
Rhododendron without label
Rhododendron without label
Rhododendron without label
Rhododendron irroratum ‘Polka Dot’ 1994 108 #3036 old label
Rhododendron ‘Firewine’ 1994 107 #3001 old label
Rhododendron ‘Kubla Khan’ 1994 110 #3051 old label
Rhododendron ‘Mary Tasker’ 2000 018 #3080 new label
Rhododendron ‘Boddaertianum’ 1999 018 #2921 new label
Rhododendron ‘Red Majesty’ 1994 112 #3149 old label
Rhododendron without label
Rhododendron without label
Rhododendron without label

and finally there is the Hydrangea (without label) which I can’t find in the database.
(a space means: some distance in the field)
(the new labels have a “format” that is different from the common format)
So I found 24 specimen, of which 10 still are unnamed. According to Uncle Bob’s database there must be 43 specimen of (different) Rhodo’s in C8 north-east. So where are the remaining 19?

– – – –

1/2 hour mowing with light Husqvarna scrubcutter in Rhodo-part.

1 hour raking.

1/2 hour mowing with light Husqvarna around the West-entrance.

A very hot day.

Sunday, 2007 December 16

Weekly Report: Monday 2007-12-03 to Sunday 2007-12-09 (incl.)

Weekly Report:
Monday 2007-12-03 to Sunday 2007-12-09 (incl.)
(crossed order)

2007-12-09 Sunday: Gisborne -> Morere Springs -> Tutira -> Napier
Rainy / foggy.
Visit Morere Springs Hot Pools
Short walk through Morere Springs Reserve – wonderful nikau palms. Photo’s wv.
Visit H. G.-S. Arboretum, Tutira; we met the curator Chris Ryan (?). He invited us to have a look around. For instance in the nursery. Big planting! Geographical organized. Trees of the same species planted in blocks. Photo’s wv.
Stay overnight at Albatross Motel on Westshore, overlooking estuary

2007-12-08 Saturday: Gisborne: Farmers Market, Shopping, Ballet, Dinner with Margriet
stay overnight at the Showgrounds

2007-12-07 Friday: EWH (worked only 1 hr) -> Gisborne: Shopping (Op-shop), Dinner at USSCO with EWH-staff
stay overnight at the Showgrounds; heavy rain at night

2007-12-06 Thursday: Hackfalls -> EWH: microscope work on Pinus devoniana, Pinus
heavy rain at night
see: Wikipedia entry on Pinus devoniana I recently made (with pictures from Hackfalls!)

2007-12-05 Wednesday: Hackfalls
db is still ill
morning: cutting Alnus etc. other side of the lake
afternoon: cleaning Aunt Isobel’s garden

2007-12-04 Tuesday: Hackfalls
db is ill

morning: Ridge halfway (on the boundary of G7 and G6):
Sorbus alnifolia 1983 020 # 3604 in very bad condition. Catalogue says 9m! Put in new protection. (= G7)
Just beside it a beautiful large specimen of S. alnifolia: 1985 095 #3603. Catalogue has questionmark: may be S. japonica! catalogue says height 3m.(=G6)
Catalogue says there is a third specimen of S. alnifolia
Sorbus meliosmifolia 1977 031 # 3649 – removed metal posts.
Carpinus turczaninowii 1994 228 # 631 – removed protection and metal posts.
Lithocarpus corneus (?) 1992 230 #1546
removed chaotic protection
protected again with metal post. height about 1.40 m.
(old?) label says 1993 230
Embrothium coccineum 1999 066 #1004
removed protection and metal posts.
Pinus rzedowskii 1991 014 #1997

There is a lot of work to be done here!

afternoon: cleaning thistles and rushes along the entrance road

2007-12-03 Monday: Hackfalls
Wilma is ill.
morning: mowing at the other side of the lake, Wilma clears Acer.

Dec. 2007 – First week with Wilma

Monday Nov. 26 to Sunday Dec. 2 (incl.)
(order crossed)

2007-12-02 Hackfalls
In the morning we did a little tour through the arboretum and made some photo’s of a Mexican oak: Quercus rugosa in Hackfalls arboretum, Tiniroto

Quercus rugosa

Bark, male flowers, small new acorns, young leaves

On our way back home we saw a beautifull flowering Aesculus californica at the backside of the cattleyard.

Aesculus californica or California Buckeye

Flower Leaves

afternoon: view of the arboretum from the airstrip
fish and chips from Tiniroto tavernView on the arboretum from the airstrip

2007-12-01 Saturday: Hackfalls

2007-11-30 Friday

2007-11-29 Thursday

2007-11-28 Wednesday

2007-11-27 Tuesday

Monday Nov. 26: Wilma arrives at Gisborne Airport at 11:55 am
(see photo’s)
We drive straight to Tiniroto via Waerenga-o-kuri

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