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Saturday, 2012 February 11

Vintage Cars at Hackfalls Arboretum

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This afternoon a group of Vintage Car drivers – from Gisborne, as far as I could understand – came to Hackfalls Arboretum.

Vintage Car Club visiting Hackfalls Arboretum, TIniroto, Gisborne NZ

Vintage Car Club visiting Hackfalls Arboretum, TIniroto, Gisborne NZ

When they arrived it was raining a bit, but the weather got much nicer when we walked through the arboretum. Although some of the younger folks didn’t like walking, there was a nice group that took the opportunity to have a look at the trees.

Vintage Car Club visiting Hackfalls Arboretum, TIniroto, Gisborne NZ

When leaving, the old Ford had to be started manually….

Vintage Car Club visiting Hackfalls Arboretum, TIniroto, Gisborne NZ

Vintage Car Club visiting Hackfalls Arboretum, TIniroto, Gisborne NZ
And away went the last one, again.

Vintage Car Club visiting Hackfalls Arboretum, TIniroto, Gisborne NZ

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see db-blog
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Sunday, 2007 December 16

Weekly Report: Monday 2007-12-03 to Sunday 2007-12-09 (incl.)

Weekly Report:
Monday 2007-12-03 to Sunday 2007-12-09 (incl.)
(crossed order)

2007-12-09 Sunday: Gisborne -> Morere Springs -> Tutira -> Napier
Rainy / foggy.
Visit Morere Springs Hot Pools
Short walk through Morere Springs Reserve – wonderful nikau palms. Photo’s wv.
Visit H. G.-S. Arboretum, Tutira; we met the curator Chris Ryan (?). He invited us to have a look around. For instance in the nursery. Big planting! Geographical organized. Trees of the same species planted in blocks. Photo’s wv.
Stay overnight at Albatross Motel on Westshore, overlooking estuary

2007-12-08 Saturday: Gisborne: Farmers Market, Shopping, Ballet, Dinner with Margriet
stay overnight at the Showgrounds

2007-12-07 Friday: EWH (worked only 1 hr) -> Gisborne: Shopping (Op-shop), Dinner at USSCO with EWH-staff
stay overnight at the Showgrounds; heavy rain at night

2007-12-06 Thursday: Hackfalls -> EWH: microscope work on Pinus devoniana, Pinus
heavy rain at night
see: Wikipedia entry on Pinus devoniana I recently made (with pictures from Hackfalls!)

2007-12-05 Wednesday: Hackfalls
db is still ill
morning: cutting Alnus etc. other side of the lake
afternoon: cleaning Aunt Isobel’s garden

2007-12-04 Tuesday: Hackfalls
db is ill

morning: Ridge halfway (on the boundary of G7 and G6):
Sorbus alnifolia 1983 020 # 3604 in very bad condition. Catalogue says 9m! Put in new protection. (= G7)
Just beside it a beautiful large specimen of S. alnifolia: 1985 095 #3603. Catalogue has questionmark: may be S. japonica! catalogue says height 3m.(=G6)
Catalogue says there is a third specimen of S. alnifolia
Sorbus meliosmifolia 1977 031 # 3649 – removed metal posts.
Carpinus turczaninowii 1994 228 # 631 – removed protection and metal posts.
Lithocarpus corneus (?) 1992 230 #1546
removed chaotic protection
protected again with metal post. height about 1.40 m.
(old?) label says 1993 230
Embrothium coccineum 1999 066 #1004
removed protection and metal posts.
Pinus rzedowskii 1991 014 #1997

There is a lot of work to be done here!

afternoon: cleaning thistles and rushes along the entrance road

2007-12-03 Monday: Hackfalls
Wilma is ill.
morning: mowing at the other side of the lake, Wilma clears Acer.

Dec. 2007 – First week with Wilma

Monday Nov. 26 to Sunday Dec. 2 (incl.)
(order crossed)

2007-12-02 Hackfalls
In the morning we did a little tour through the arboretum and made some photo’s of a Mexican oak: Quercus rugosa in Hackfalls arboretum, Tiniroto

Quercus rugosa

Bark, male flowers, small new acorns, young leaves

On our way back home we saw a beautifull flowering Aesculus californica at the backside of the cattleyard.

Aesculus californica or California Buckeye

Flower Leaves

afternoon: view of the arboretum from the airstrip
fish and chips from Tiniroto tavernView on the arboretum from the airstrip

2007-12-01 Saturday: Hackfalls

2007-11-30 Friday

2007-11-29 Thursday

2007-11-28 Wednesday

2007-11-27 Tuesday

Monday Nov. 26: Wilma arrives at Gisborne Airport at 11:55 am
(see photo’s)
We drive straight to Tiniroto via Waerenga-o-kuri

Sept. / Oct. / Nov. 2007

This was the first period db was working at Hackfalls this season.

db arrived at Gisborne:
db arrived at Tiniroto:

Until: Monday Nov. 26: Wilma arrives at Gisborne Airport at 11:55am

Wednesday, 2007 December 5

First entry

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This is the new weblog of (our activities) in Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne, New Zealand.

We will describe which work we’re doing, and observations we make.

For general information on Hackfalls Arboretum, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackfalls_Arboretum

Hackfalls Arboretum is situated in Tiniroto.
For general information on Tiniroto, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiniroto

This weblog is started by Wilma Verburg and Dick Bos. We come from the Netherlands. We have visited New Zealand a couple of times. The last time was February to April this year.
Dick Bos is working now in Hackfalls Arboretum from September 2007 until March 2008. Wilma Verburg arrived last week (end of November), and she will leave again in the beginning of January 2008.

They have a weblog in Dutch at WordPress: http://wvendb.wordpress.com

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