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Wednesday, 2012 March 7

New label on the Escallonia bifida

This year we started to relabel many trees and shrubs. We did about 150 altogether. The first group we did when Wilma was still around. We did 69 then.
And the last bit I’m finishing by now.

An example. In the Oak paddock is a nice little Escallonia bifida, the White Escallonia or Chilean gumbox from South-America. Cat. 1997 049.

labelling at Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

On the right is the brandnew label. On this label are:
– the botanical name,
-the English name,
– the region of origin and
– the catalogue number (first four digits of the catalogue number being the year of acquisition).

On the back are two old labels. They tend to become unreadable.
On the left is one of the temporary labels that we have been putting on all the trees that we listed for relabelling. Of course we remove all old and temporary labels if we put on the new one.

The lists with new labels requested were send to Margaret Sargent of Cross Hills Gardens and Nursery in Kimbolton near Palmerston North. (They do have a wonderful collection of Rhododendrons, and the garden – which of course holds lots of Rhodos as well – is really stunning. Wilma and I have been there ….. But their “lifetime labels” are the best I’ve ever seen; and – I still am a Dutchie – they’re cheap!)

The first list we did send in November. And the second list of 84 I send in some two weeks ago.
We did get the labels back within a week. Next we could put the new labels on the trees.
It’s quite a lot of work, but we learned to know the collection better, and more importantly: labelling is in our opinion one of the cornerstones of maintaining the collection.

But enough about these “technical” things. Let’s look at the Escallonia!
From a distance it does not look very attractive (at least, not on my picture). Can you discover the new label (click on the image to enlarge)?

Escallonia bifida at Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

Take a closer look!

Escallonia bifida at Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

Escallonia bifida at Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

Escallonia bifida at Hackfalls Arboretum, Tiniroto, Gisborne NZ

The (English) name used by Uncle Bob in the catalogue (‘Chilean gumbox’) is not the most common one, I believe. Many internet sources use the name ‘White Escallonia’. I also found ‘Cloven gumbox’.


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